Run As Domain Account While not on a Domain Machine

Tags: runas, domain, account, undomained machine.

runas /netonly /user:domain\user command


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  • verasearch3 said Reply

    use commandline: cmdkey /?

    Creates, displays, and deletes stored user names and passwords.
    The syntax of this command is:
    CMDKEY [{/add | /generic}:targetname {/smartcard | /user:username {/pass{:password}}} | /delete{:targetname | /ras} | /list{:targetname}]

    To list available credentials:
    cmdkey /list
    cmdkey /list:targetname

    To create domain credentials:
    cmdkey /add:targetname /user:username /pass:password
    cmdkey /add:targetname /user:username /pass
    cmdkey /add:targetname /user:username
    cmdkey /add:targetname /smartcard

    Full Example: cmdkey /add:<> /user:<domain\username> /pass:<password>

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